"SOul of MINE" EP - 2016

To record his debut four-song EP, Chadwick teamed with some of the most talented musicians in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. While the carefully crafted songs stay in the general confines of Americana, the instruments range from fiddle to trumpet to electric guitar to glockenspiel. 

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"Stay! Positive!" Ep - Pat + Victor - 2016

Skipping between melancholy, fickle self-assurance and dark humor, Chadwick's collaboration with singer-songwriter Victor Pokorny twists the conventions of folk songwriting with surprising lyrics and counterintuitive instrument pairings. Mandolin is matched with synth and electronic beats complement waltzy guitars. 

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Chadwick recorded five of his songs as a member of The Flannel Attractions in the winter of 2013. Self-recorded, the EP was described by music bloggers as "the perfect blend of roots, folk, and pop" and an "indie folk feel with a traditional bluegrass instrumentation mix and stunning mountain harmonies."

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